5 Travel & Adventure Podcasts You Should Check Out!


5 Travel & Adventure Podcasts You Should Check Out!

The outdoors has always been a captivating entity for adventurers the world over. There’s simply nothing like lacing up your walking boots or gearing up for your next cycle and heading out the door in search of somewhere and something totally new.

But countless adventurers in every country don’t have that option at the moment. Instead, they’re adapting to a more enclosed lifestyle, waiting for the day these spectacular locations open up for business again.

At Whereabouts Holidays we’ve been sending eager adventurers to some of these locations for years, so we like to think we know a thing or two about adventure!

So if you’re planning on getting out into the big, wide world again in the not-too-distant future but are looking for something to keep you occupied in the meantime, here are 5 travel & adventure podcasts you need to listen to!


A podcast with a pretty unique way of presenting a show, Outside/In and it’s host Sam Evans-Brown uses a combination of narrative storytelling techniques along with traditional presentations of information to make a truly compelling and engaging adventure travel listening experience.

It’s a show about the natural world and how we use it. But this podcast isn’t just for the hardened adventurers; Anybody who has ever looked out the window and has been captivated by the beauty of natural nature can enjoy what’s on offer here. 

Episodes are varied in both topic and length, meaning you’ll always find time to fit a few minutes in whatever you happen to be doing.

So if you’re looking to bring the best of the varied outdoors to your eardrums, definitely consider checking out the Outside/In Podcast.


MTN Meister

It may be centered mostly around Mountaineering, but this podcast is for anybody who has ever dared (or is hoping to dare) to get out into the wide world and challenge their own limits.

MTN Neister, hosted by Ben Schneck, invites famous guests from the world of the outdoors lifestyle to discuss topics like perseverance, dedication and overcoming adversity within the realms of adventure travel and adventure sports.

Hiking, biking, climbing, skiing and more are all on the table. So no matter what type of adventurer you are, there will be something here to spark your interest.


Terra Incognita

A quirky podcast with an even quirkier name! Terra Incognita, hosted by distinguished filmmaker Matt Pycroft dives deep into the adventures and mindsets of some of the most recognizable and popular names in world adventuring. 

Tree climbers, mountaineers, and even arctic explorers all get their say on the world of adventure and travel, and simply what makes them tick.

And with some of the lengthier sessions than you would find in other podcasts (many of them are well over seventy minutes), this series is perfectly suited to somebody looking for an in-depth look into the minds of top-class adventurers.

You can find the podcasts in all their HD audio glory at www.theadventurepodcast.co.uk 

She Explores

General conversations about adventure travel are all well and good, but for those of you looking for specifically a female perspective, we have the perfect podcast for you.

She Explores is a collection of interviews and stories from inspiring women who aim to makes the most of the outdoors and break barriers on the road to discovery as much as they possibly can.

Of course exploration, travel and adventure are the main themes you’ll find here. But they’re all intertwined with the personal experiences of those under the spotlight (or next to the microphone!); Things like diversity, inclusion, and feminism are thrown into the mix as well, making for a truly exciting and varied podcast experience.

You can check out the podcast at https://she-explores.com/podcast/

The Outside Podcast

More travel and adventure publications should start their own podcast, there would be so much more interesting content for us adventurers! But that’s exactly what Outside Magazine has done.

They release a new episode each and every week, giving you plenty of great content to keep you entertained and inspired about all-things adventure!

Their adventure podcast is just about the most varied around, covering anything and everything adventure and travel-related you could imagine. Including health and fitness, exploration, real-life rescue stories and much, much more!

Looking for an entertaining adventure story fix? This is where you need to go.