Indulge in Adventure this Christmas!

By Alice Morrison


I love Christmas. I love everything about it: getting to spend time with my family, the presents, the carols, the specials on TV and especially the food: turkey, brussels, Quality Street, trifle – all of it is good!  It is definitely a time to be happy and enjoy all the great things that life has to offer.


There’s no doubt, though, that after a few days of eating far too much and lounging around in the central heating, my jeans feel tighter and my energy levels are down and it is time to get up, get out there and start using up all those extra calories.


About 10 years ago, my cousin and I decided that we would do something a bit different on the 27th – we would climb Ben Nevis. I had to go out and buy an ice axe and crampons because it is always deep snow and ice on the summit and have been using them every year since. It has become a family tradition and it always provides a mini adventure.


In fact, that Christmas and New Year week is the perfect time to start planning and booking your adventures for the year ahead. What’s more, indulging in adventure, unlike the family box of Roses, will make you healthy as well as happy.


I’ve taken a sneak peek at what fantastic adventure holidays Whereabouts has got coming up next year and here are some recommendations.


Indulge the family

When you have kids of different ages, or maybe family members who are a bit less fit, it can be difficult to find an adventure holiday that suits everyone. That’s why this multi sport break in Croatia is so perfect. Daily routes are reasonably short, just 2 to 3 hours of easy sea kayaking, cycling and walking and not demanding, so suitable for all ages over 8. Also, they are not too technical so you don’t need any previous kayaking experience and it is a chance for the whole family to learn something new. You get to explore the lovely city of Dubrovnik and the neighbouring Elaphiti islands, with their stunning cliffs, hidden caves, and isolated sandy beaches.


Indulge in something new

Dog sledding in the Tatras Mountains in Slovakia? Yes please! This adventure has “amazing” written all over it. The High Tatras are the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains, and you will be based in Tatranska Lomnica. From there, a guide will take you on a series of fantastic adventures in this winter wonderland. You can try out all the winter sports: dog-sledding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and downhill skiing or snowboarding. Picture yourself learning how to work huskies alongside a local dog handler and then enjoying some local food and drink after a hard day’s work in the snow. Seriously cool!


 Indulge yourself

I’ve often had to take holidays alone or join a group, because what I want to do and when hasn’t fitted in with others’ plans and I have always had an amazing time and made new friends. This holiday really caught my eye as it offers you the chance to explore a fascinating country by bike and boat so you get activity and also a chance to chill out. It is a tour through Cambodia beginning in Siem Reap with a few days exploring the temples of Angkor and the surrounding countryside by bike. You then board the luxurious Jayavarman cruiser and spend four days on the rivers getting a unique insight into the daily life of the country. The tour goes on to Phnom Penh and then ends on the coast where you sample some beach life. It sounds like heaven to me.


Indulge in the exotic

I admit to being biased because I live here, but Morocco really is a fabulous place to visit and this adventure lets you sample all the best bits. Just over 3 hours away from the UK and you will find yourself launched into a magical world with snake charmers, Berber drummers and traditional story tellers all vying for your attention in the main square of Marrakech. As well as exploring Marrakech, you will get to enjoy trekking with mules in the magnificent Atlas Mountains, a cookery class, and a camel trek with an overnight stay in the desert.


How could you not be tempted with all these adventure holiday treats spread out in front of you? It is like the best selection box you could imagine! I hope you feel inspired and spend a few happy hours choosing which one you will do …… first.


Happy Christmas everyone!