How To Keep Cool in the Summer Holiday Heat


How To Keep Cool in the Summer Holiday Heat

Nabbing a holiday in a warmer country is an ideal way to escape the cold and take in some much needed sunshine.

But sometimes our plans backfire…

We book a summer holiday in a hotter climate and when we arrive it’s too hot!

Thankfully there are ways to stop the excessive heat getting the better of you.

So, with Summer well and truly on the way, here are Whereabouts Holidays’ tips on keeping cool in the Summer holiday heat:


We all love a good lounge session on the beach every now and again. However sometimes the heat by the sea can be too much to bear.

But should we let some pesky heat put us off? No, of course not.

That’s why it’s a good idea to pack a large umbrella with you before you head off to build sandcastles, if that’s what you’ve got planned for your adventure holiday!

Don’t worry, hopefully there won’t be any rain where you’re heading…

Setting the umbrella up beside your lounge chair will keep you in the shade and protect you from unnecessary burning and heat.

Ice-cold liquids

There’s a reason you always see people hitting the bar in warmer weather abroad.

And no, it’s not always to do with enjoying a midday tipple…

Ice-cold drinks are a great way to cool off and keep you hydrated.

This won’t just lower your body temperature but will help your body’s natural processes do the same.

If you do decide to grab a cold drink to cool off, try to make it a non-alcoholic beverage.

Alcoholic drinks have a tendency to make you thirstier and  won’t help at all when it comes to cooling down.

Plus, if you’re knee-deep in an adventure holiday activities, like you’ll find on our Highlights of Croatia adventure holiday, alcohol definitely won’t do you any good!

Enjoy a refreshing beer or glass of white wine later when the sun goes down!

Slow & Steady

Adventure holidays are by nature quite trying getaways.

If you aren’t putting in at the very least some physical effort there isn’t much point.

But, in the hot sun, overexerting yourself is dangerously easy.

So unless there’s a speed element to your trip (like with some of our walking holidays), or even if there is and you’re struggling, be sure to take things slow and steady.

Reserve your energy to keep yourself cooler.

Remember, it’s better to get there in one piece (and preferably not terribly dehydrated…).


Ah, the classic…

From tiny, handheld fans to tall extendable stand fans there are a whole host of cooling appliances you can find in every country.

If you’re concerned about the fan situation at your new destination it might be worth packing a small fan to ensure you have some kind of circulation.

Or, why not simply enquire with your hotel? No doubt they’d be happy to help resolve your issue.

And if you’re looking to keep yourself cool at night, why not stick a bowl of ice water in front of your fan for a chilly blast?

Chilled Blankets

This one is a little unorthodox, but it’s damn effective…

If you’re struggling to drift off at night due to the heat, before you go to bed try lightly soaking your bedsheets or a towel and popping it in the fridge for a few minutes or an hour.

The chilled sheets will keep you cool as long as the cooling effect of the dampness lasts.

If you want to take this to the extreme, try the same method but put your blankets in the freezer, not the fridge.

It’ll be like sleeping in the Arctic!

But don’t leave them in there too long. Otherwise your bed sheets will snap like a cream cracker.

Whether you’re looking for a warm getaway or a winter wonderland, at Whereabouts Holidays we’ve got you covered.

To find out more about what we have to offer, check out our holiday listings for more info.