A to Z of Adventure


A to Z of Adventure

Our customers LOVE going on adventures with us…

But ‘Adventure’ is a broad term – technically it could mean anything!

At Whereabouts Holidays we like to think we’ve got a pretty good grasp on all things adventure, which is why we’ve put together our ‘A-Z’ of Adventure for you!

We’ve managed to fit cool and interesting adventure holiday facts and trivia to every single letter of the alphabet.

A = Adventure

Where else would we start? Adventure is at the heart of everything we do, as you’ll soon see in this list! At Whereabouts Holidays, if it doesn’t get your heart racing and your sense of wonderment working, it isn’t worth doing. We help you create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

B = Biking

Why move on two legs when you can move on two wheels? Our biking holidays will get your legs and your blood pumping as you cover ground you never thought possible. Country lanes, dirt roads, forest tracks, you name it. If it’s fun and excitement you’re looking for, this is it!

C = Coasteering

This one might be new to a few of you, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting! Coasteering is the action of tackling difficult ground close to a coastline on foot or by swimming. Working your way along rocky paths and jumping in the sea will help you discover new ground only the bravest of explorers will dare to go. Definitely one for the daredevils amongst you!

D = Dog Sledding

For centuries people have used dogs to power them through the toughest of arctic terrain.  Deep snow can be a struggle on your legs, but with a team of husky dogs on hand you’ll glide over the winter landscape like a breeze! Don’t worry, a team of professional mushers will provide full instruction before you take control yourself. You’ll be a mushing master in no time!

E = Everyone

The beauty of adventure holidays is that no matter who you are, there’s a getaway to suit everyone and anyone! Regardless of age, gender or physical fitness there will be an adventure to suit your personal wants and needs. We never leave a good adventurer behind.

F = Fat Biking

Want to take down some of the most challenging terrain but worried your bike won’t be able to take it? That’s where fat biking comes in. Fat Bikes are specifically designed to traverse ground a regular bike simply couldn’t. With its more rugged design and thicker wheels a fat bike spreads your weight more widely allowing the bike to move more freely. They’re particularly good on snow! We have a number of fat bike escapes and our patrons simply love them!

G = Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands compose some of the most stunning individual collections of land on the face of the earth. Volcanic in nature and equally powerful in appearance they are a true wildlife mecca. Whereabouts Holidays offers some truly awe-inspiring trips to the islands, both on land and by sea.

H = Horse Riding

Horses have been involved in some of the most important geographical discoveries in history. Allowing riders to cross plains, fields, forests, shallow rivers and even deserts, there is much we might not have discovered until decades into the future thanks to our trusty steeds. Riding horses as a form of travel is a great way to bring you closer to man’s travelling roots.

I = Igloo building

Snow might be cold, but it has long provided warmth and shelter to countless people living in icy climates. Using carefully compacted dense snow you can build your very own shelter – an igloo of course!

J = Join in

This is what adventuring is all about – inclusivity. Don’t ever be afraid to join in with a fun activity or try something new. There are always going to be people willing to give you a helping hand and a push in the right direction. You never know, you might discover your new favourite hobby!

K = Kayaking

Kayaking has become insanely popular in recent years, with more and more adventure holidaymakers looking to get out on the water. River, lake or sea? The choice is yours but the team at Whereabouts have the knowledge to help you choose the right kayak adventure for you!

L = Lakes

Comprising some of the most naturally beautiful sights in the world, lakes are the perfect spots for fun and relaxation. Lake Bled in Slovenia, for example, looks as though it’s been lifted straight from a fairy tale!

M = Micro Adventure

Looking for the ultimate adventure but short on time? Our Micro Adventures provide the opportunity to experience all the best that our adventure holidays have to offer in just a few days. These breaks are tailored to make sure you get the most out of your experience no matter how restricted you are by time.

N = Northern Lights

One of the true visual wonders our planet has to offer, the Northern Lights have been mystifying people for decades. This dancing light phenomenon is caused by fluctuating electron charges as a result of particles from the sun hitting our atmosphere. But if that ruins the illusion for you, just think of them as pretty-coloured floating lanterns!

O = Outdoors

There’s genuinely nothing better than being in the great outdoors. Countless studies have shown that regular outdoor activity isn’t just great for your physical health but for your mental wellbeing too. Plus, exploring and discovering new places and cultures will broaden your horizons and give you a better perspective on our world.

P = Paddle boarding

A great way to get out on the open water, paddle boarding allows participants to paddle with their hands and feet before standing on their board to take in their epic surroundings. Mind you, it’s much easier to do atop steady waters. So it might be worth trying it out on one of those lakes we mentioned earlier, or waiting for the choppy sea waters to calm down!

Q = Quality time

For all the brilliant things you can do on an adventure holiday, the one thing that always gets overlooked is those around you. You might be busy climbing a mountain or wading through thick snow, but an adventure holiday gives you the chance to spend some quality time with friends and family and new acquaintances.

R = Rafting

… Now we’re talking! River rafting is the essential adrenaline rush for water fanatics. Jump in your raft with your team and get ready for one heck of an adventure as you dip and dive your way through the oncoming waves and chops in the water. Just don’t forget your life jacket!

S = Snowshoeing

You’ve seen those pictures of people walking in snow with tennis rackets attached to their feet, right? Well, those aren’t tennis rackets – they’re snowshoes! Although you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re tennis rackets, they do look pretty similar in both design and shape. But, snowshoes are actually designed to help spread your weight across as much snow as possible to stop you falling into the deeper patches. The ideal method to walk your way through snow and enjoy exploring a winter wonderland.

T = Transylvania

Beware the Vampire! But seriously, despite its depiction in spooky stories Transylvania is actually filled to the brim with interesting history, great scenery and a vibrant culture. There’s plenty to explore and even more to learn about this engaging part of Europe. But if you’re a dedicated horror fanatic there will be plenty to whet your appetite here, too. Bram Stoker’s most famous creation is actually based on real-life figure Vlad the Impaler who hailed from the region.

U = Unique

There’s so much of our astounding planet to explore, you’ll never run out of options! And every new territory brings with it unique sights, sounds, tastes and cultures.

V = Vietnam

Vietnam has so much to offer in the way of adventure, especially for cyclists. It is a country of amazingly varied landscapes; from precipitous mountains to uncharted forests, and from terraced rice fields and fertile deltas to deserted pristine beaches. 

W = Walking

Is there any better way to explore our world than with the power of your own two feet? They’ve been taking mankind from one end of a continent to the other for centuries and are directly responsible for every major leap forward in discovery, exploration and the passage of information in history. Plus, it’s great exercise! All these years later, walking is still king.

X = X-country skiing

This is a tough letter, ok? Give us a break! ‘X’ (or Cross) Country Skiing is the oldest form of skiing, dating back 5,000 years in Norway. Although the equipment has changed somewhat over the years the principle is the same – using both arm and leg power to glide across the snow. Arduous but an exciting challenge, this is one for those looking to put their body to the test and take in some breath-taking snowy scenery at the same time!

Y = Year-round adventures

Who said holidays were just for the summer? At Whereabouts Holidays we have a whole host of fantastic trips that can be enjoyed at any time of year and in any climate, as well as climate specific trips if you’re looking for something a little more niche. Snow in the spring? Sun in the winter? Whatever you’re after, we can provide!

Z = Zip lining

Definitely not one for the faint of heart… Or if you’re afraid of heights… Or both! But there are few adventure holiday experiences that can offer the same exhilaration that zip lining can. Through the tallest trees of a forest, to great canyons and quarries, wherever there is a starting point and a finishing point with a big dip in-between there’s room for a zip line!