Adventure is for Everyone


Adventure is for Everyone

Here at Whereabouts Holidays we LOVE adventure!


That doesn’t mean that we’re poised to head off on an Indiana Jones style quest for the holy grail at a moment’s notice dressed in a leather hat and a many-pocketed vest. Similarly not all of us want to test our survival skills on a deserted island in true Bear Grylls fashion. We don’t all fit the “adventurer” stereotype, in fact most of us are completely normal, but nevertheless we consider ourselves to be a pretty adventurous bunch with many years of travel experience between us. So you can trust us when we say that adventure really is for everybody.


What is an Adventure?
According to the Oxford English dictionary adventure is; “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”. Wow! We agree with the unusual and exciting part but in reality, unless you’re planning to attempt Everest alone, untrained and without oxygen, most adventures are not “hazardous”.


We think adventures are voyages of discovery. Not only will you get to the heart of the country you are travelling in, get to know the locals and your travelling companions you’ll probably learn a lot about yourself too. It doesn’t need to be a giant expedition to be an adventure; whether you find yourself spending a month backpacking through Southeast Asia or spending the weekend in North Wales climbing Snowdon you’ll see new things most people haven’t seen and experience things that will enrich your life.


But I am not…. enough
The main thing that stops people from setting off on adventures is fear. They’re scared that they won’t be fit enough or brave enough. If they’re going on a group trip they worry that they’ll hold everyone else up, make a fool of themselves or that they just won’t get on with the others they’re travelling with.


We’ve all felt like that at some point in our lives, haven’t we? But we can promise you that none of this matters once you take that first step. When you’re out in the wilderness, under that big sky surrounded by nature or travelling through beautiful cities, all your worries will fade away. The sense of achievement you’ll feel from getting yourself from A to B under your own steam will make it all worthwhile. Remember, you ARE strong enough, you ARE fit enough and you ARE brave enough. So, just do it!


Besides, all guided adventure trips are run by extremely experienced guides who know how to keep you safe and help you realise your potential and self-guided trips provide you with everything you need to make your way on your own. Of course, you should choose a trip that makes sense for you and the great news is there are lots of adventures to choose from.

Choosing your adventure
This is the fun part! Once you’ve decided on your time frame and budget the world really is your oyster. Do you fancy trekking the Lost City of Colombia? Or perhaps travelling round Australia in a camper van is more your thing? You might want to try a cycling tour or mountain climbing, the best bit is that adventures let you try out new experiences in places you’ve never been before.


With Whereabouts, you’ll find a guide online for each adventure holiday which tells you everything you need to know including a checklist of essential items and whether the trip is suitable for families or not. This is invaluable in helping you decide what your next adventure will be.

Hiking the glaciers in Alaska, cycling in Cuba or walking the Sahara and camping in the desert, what’s on your bucket list? The possibilities are endless and we’ve got it covered so keep an open mind and get planning that trip.


Positive Mental Attitude...


Probably the most valuable thing you can take with you on any adventure holiday. A positive outlook will help you breeze through any challenges you might face. Every adventure involves effort so inevitably at times you’ll be tired and something (or everything) will hurt. Remember, this is temporary and remaining upbeat will make it pass quicker.


So stay positive, keep moving forward and enjoy the journey, you’ve got this!