Adventure Holiday Locations for Panoramic Views


Adventure Holiday Locations for Panoramic Views

There are countless great reasons people choose to embark on adventure holidays each and every year; The chance to explore new locations, to experience new cultures and cuisines, to challenge themselves and do something they’ve never done before. Or, for the sheer fun and excitement of it!

But many walkers, hikers, and adventurers set out with a very specific goal: To find the very best panoramic views and see them for themselves, instead of just on a screen.

Photos are great, but there’s nothing like breathing in a breathtaking panoramic view with your own eyes.

So if you’re looking to head off on an adventure holiday when the world starts to get back to normal and are interested in sampling some of the best panoramic views the world has to offer, here are three adventure holidays with panoramic views you might want to think about:

Zell am See Panoramas

The clue is in the title with this adventure holiday in Austria!

Austria is home to some of the most stunning hilltop views the world over and thousands of walkers flock to these beloved grassy mounds year after year.

But the Zell am See might just be the most impressive of the whole bunch. The hill and mountains surrounding the iconic Lake Zell offer full three hundred and sixty-degree panoramic views of the surrounding villages, bodies of water and countryside and makes for some of the most idyllic scenery you’re likely to find anywhere in Europe.

In fact, more than 30 of the surrounding peaks you may encounter reach heights of over 3000 meters, giving you plenty of options as to which vantage point you’d like to explore first!

Add to this the cable cars that let you soak up even more amazing views on the move, and you’ve arguably got the perfect adventure holiday for view hunters anywhere.

Except perhaps for…

The Carpathian Mountains and Castles

Romania isn’t a location that’s always high on everybody's list when it comes to choosing adventure holidays in Europe. But if they were to look a little closer, or even speak to some of the people who’ve been able to experience some of its glorious landscapes, they’ll certainly tell you it’s a walking holiday not to be missed.

With far-reaching mountain ranges to match even some of the most impressive peaks in Europe (we’ll get to more of those in a moment) including the hugely-popular Piatra Craiului and Bucegi, the Carpathian Mountains really feel like a treat straight out of history and offer a real taste of rural Romanian life.

Speaking of history, one of the key highlights of this adventure holiday in Romania will be your visit to the staggeringly intricate Bran Castle. It was built in the fourteenth century and was used as a staple of protection to the people of Transylvania for hundreds of years, including fending off an oncoming attack from the Ottoman Empire. 

But if you’re after a more traditional aspect of Romania, your trek through the Piatra Craiului National Park, where you’ll get to see sheepfolds, woods and scattered quaint villages, will more than suffice.

Peaks of the Julain Alps

The Julian Alps have long been one of the essential stops on any worthy adventurers travel schedule.

Stretching from Northeastern Italy all the way to Slovenia, they reach their highest point in Slovenia where they reach a peak of 2864m at the very top of Mt Triglav.

The beauty of this adventure holiday is that no only will you be able to marvel at the wonderful panoramic views the Alps have to offer, but you’ll also be able to visit even more beautiful panoramic views along the way.

These include the unbelievable Lake Bled, which is home to one of the most mythical images in all of adventure travel; the mystical floating church at the centre of the lake. Along with the Savica Waterfall which has been delighting tourists and locals for decades.

Oh, and for the braver ones amongst you, you’ll have the option to conquer the intimidating Mt Triglav itself and bring your panoramic experience full-circle. Does it get any better than that?

We can’t wait to take you back to all these perfect panoramic locations, they must be feeling pretty lonely right about now! So keep an eye on @WhereaboutsHols for all the latest updates and adventure travel content!