Top 5 Photography Accessories for Adventure Holiday Photography


Top 5 Photography Accessories for Adventure Holiday Photography

When going on holiday, you want to be sure you’ve got absolutely everything you need. 

That includes a decent camera to capture the very best holiday photography. 

While many of us now use our trusty mobile phones (cameras on phones nowadays are AMAZING) there are still those who choose to use larger, more professional cameras like DSLRs. 

But whether you use your phone or something a little more traditional, there are plenty of accessories you will need to make sure you take the sharpest, most visually-pleasing holiday photography possible. 

Here are a few ideas to help you out:

Lens wipes 

It’s all well and good taking snaps all over the place, but the more places you use your phone and/or camera the chances are your lens will start to build up some pretty nasty stuff. 

The downfall of all great photographers is a dirty lens! 

Imagine capturing the stunning views of the Salzkammergut Lakes in Austria, only to later find your holiday photos scarred with a filthy splodge.

Solution? Keep a handy set of lens wipes or a lens cleaning kit with you. 

There are some lens wipes that are a lot like wet wipes, but unless it’s a particularly troublesome smudge your best bet will be a simple microfiber or eyeglasses cloth. 

These cloths are very soft and shouldn’t cause any damage to your lens but are excellent at shifting unwanted dust or other unwelcome visitors.

Extra memory cards 

So many holiday photographers have fallen foul of storage issues. Let’s hope you’re not one of them! 

In the digital age, it’s easier than ever to take pictures and store them at our leisure in the thousands. 

But the downfall of this is that we often become complacent about exactly how many pictures we take. 

One minute you’ll be snapping away on your phone or your camera and, suddenly, boom! 

Storage capacity reached. 

Or what if it’s even worse? What if your current memory suffers a malfunction of some kind? 

Keeping an extra memory card in your wallet or bag will solve this issue and you can carry on taking holiday photos to your hearts content.

ND Filters/Lens Adapters 

This might be one for the more “hardcore” holiday photography enthusiasts amongst you… 

When taking photos it can be difficult to obtain the right light for the shot. 

Especially when facing the source of light directly. 

Most phones now adjust automatically to the light to help you out. Technology, eh? 

But for DSLRs, an ND filter would be the best option. 

In simplistic terms, they’re thin layers of darkened glass to help your lens to adjust to light to create a better image. 

Like sunglasses for your camera! 

But if the light isn’t your issue and you're trying to get the best shot with your phone there are a whole host of nifty adapters you can buy that hook straight to your phone’s camera to help you get the perfect shot, whatever your conundrum. 


If you’re looking for stability in your holiday snaps, a tripod is definitely the way to go. 

Shaky, out of focus photos are a nightmare when you want to get the perfect getaway shot. And it’s not so easy to start changing settings when you’re in a rush. 

Carrying a lightweight tripod (or monopod) with you is the best way to ensure all your shots, whether taken on a phone or a camera, come out looking sharp and in focus with minimal motion blur. 

Selfie Stick 

You saw this one coming, didn’t you?

The selfie has without question become the go-to shot for holiday photographers looking to capture themselves in their dream surroundings and capture memories with their favourite people. 

But with a lot of phone cameras, this isn’t always the easiest task. 

Awkward camera positioning and less than stellar angles can ruin these shots. That’s why someone took the time to invent the selfie stick! 

An elongated phone holder, the stick allows you to take photos remotely while positioning your phone at desirable length and angle, so you can catch the perfect selfie shot.

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Our adventure holidays come jam-packed with beautiful views and can’t-miss selfie opportunities just like these! 

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