With magnificent landscapes and scenic mountains, Slovenia is a beautiful country just waiting to be explored, whether you want to go by foot, by bike, or with a bit of added adventure.


Located in central Europe, Slovenia has just 46km of coastline, but what they lack in coastline they make up for in lakes, most notably country’s most well-known attraction, the stunning Lake Bled.


Lake Bled is a large glacial lake fed by hot springs, where you can see a church-topped island in the centre of the lake and a stunning medieval castle. The best word we can think of to describe it is, majestic, and definitely one for the travel bucket list.


Understandably, this spectacular lake features on many of our Slovenian tours.


By foot, you can explore Slovenian Lakes and Valleys, which includes an unforgettable day at Lake Bled. This tour takes you strolling along crystal clear alpine lakes and past deep canyons carved by mountain rivers, traversing meadows and through pastures awash with wildflowers, that sounds like tranquil bliss!


On two wheels, the Best of Slovenia tour takes you from Lake Bled to Piran. On this tour you can swim in crystal clear mountain lakes, admire majestic mountain ranges and discover colourful old towns.


If you’re looking to add a little more adventure to your Slovenian experience, our Multi-sports holiday combines hiking to the “Triple Border Point” where Slovenia, Italy and Austria meet, rafting and kayaking on some of Slovenia’s iconic rivers and lakes, and cycling through the pristine Triglav National Park.


Whilst on your adventures, if you do happen to be invited to a meal in a Slovenian home, here are some local tips for you; take along flowers and a bottle of wine as appreciation, and take off your shoes at the door. It is considered bad manners to go in with your shoes…so pack good socks!


So these are some of our top picks for Slovenia. A country that is overlooked by many people, but with so much to discover this central Europe is destination we definitely recommend exploring on your next holiday.