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Balkan Multisport Tour



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An action-packed adventure holiday taking you through four of the Balkan countries over a fun filled ten day period. You'll visit some of the most interesting parts of the Balkan region while enjoying a range of activities. Starting from Dubrovnik and slowly travelling north towards Slovenia you'll really get to immerse yourself in the culture and the scenery of the region. From Sea kayaking in the clear, blue Adriatic to rafting and kayaking on three different amazing rivers:  the Tara, Zrmanja and Trebizat. You'll also discover the Durmitor (Montenegro), Krka River and Plitvice Lakes (Croatia) National Parks by bike and on foot. This corridor is where the East and West meet and spirits of the long-gone Ottoman Empire, Venetian and Dubrovnik Republic can still be felt at every step. Local food and wine, relaxed Balkan vibe and fun activities in secluded areas guarantee an unforgettable, authentic experience.

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