Embarking on Adventure Holidays in Europe in 2020!


Embarking on Adventure Holidays in Europe in 2020!

Happy New Year! If you’re looking for a fantastic way to invigorate your 2020, then considering adventure holidays in Europe is undoubtedly the way to go!

Whether you’re a total newbie or an adventure holiday regular, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t consider making your next overseas trip the adventure holiday of a lifetime!

So, if you’re still on the fence, here’s just a few reasons why you should embark on adventure holidays in Europe in 2020:

New Decade, New Experiences!

The phrase “New Year, new you!” might never have been more relevant to you than it is at this exact moment.

With the dawning of a new decade, many of us take the time to reflect on the previous ten years and where we’d like to be heading in the next ten. This usually happens involuntarily - we simply can’t help but wonder!

If you haven’t been overly enthusiastic about the places you’ve been or seen over the last decade then why not start the new decade off with a bang?

Adventure holidays in Europe are a great way to not only get you visiting new and exciting lands, but also to knock some locations that might have been on your travel bucket list for a very long time.

Ever wanted to trek your way around some mighty mountains like the Salzburg Peaks? Or how about taking a dip into one of Croatia’s many rivers on your very own water sports adventure? Now’s your chance!

Make 2020 the year of the unexpected.


You might be one of those people that enjoys visiting the same old holiday destination time and time again… and there’s nothing wrong with that! More power to you!

But if you think this is the year that you fancy a change of scenery and to explore somewhere completely new, you can’t go wrong with the amount of variety you’ll find with adventure holidays in Europe from Whereabouts Holidays.

We have an excellent selection of some of the most sought-after walking routes, water sports spots and fat biking getaways on offer anywhere.

From glorious sun to frosty snow, there’s something for literally every taste.

Unsure about where to go? Check out our holiday listings for some great ideas!

Sights & Sounds

Let’s face it: As wonderful as our home countries are, it can become incredibly easy to get tired of the same local locations.

When most of us travel, or go on holiday, we’re after a significant change of scenery. And you won’t find a greater change of scenery from what you’re used to than adventure holidays in Europe.

There are countless stunning and iconic things to see, you’ll never run out of options!

The paddling pool in your back garden has nothing on the majesty and beauty of Lake Garda in Italy, right?

Or how about the vast plains and countrified villages of the island of Madeira? The choice is yours!

Wherever you go, discover something different!

Food & Drink

One of the major benefits of adventure travel, and travel in general, is the chance to experience some incredible delicacies from other countries and cultures.

Each region of Europe has their own special dishes they’re famous for. Sure, they can be replicated. But there’s nothing like tasting a dish from its country of origin.

The real deal!

Make brand new flavour discoveries as you work your way through the elegantly spiced seafood of the Portuguese.

Or rediscover some of your favourite pastas and pizzas in quaint Italian villages.

Or… discover something totally new in the weird and wonderful workings of the Finnish diet!

Whatever you end up eating, you’ll surely find a brand new favourite dish you’ll be craving all the way home!

Just don’t expect to recreate it when you get back… it’s never the same!

Family Experiences

Discovering a new location by yourself can be such an enriching experience.

The solitude of somewhere like the Austrian countryside is made all the more powerful when you get to enjoy it by yourself - one against the vastness of the land.

But, if you’ve already had enough of one-person getaways and want to bring a few others along, getting the family involved in your adventure holidays in Europe will definitely make for a much more fulfilling trip.

Creating memories with your significant other, and especially your little ones if you should be so fortunate, is what adventure holidays like these were made for.

Imagine getting the whole family unit into life jackets and taking on some sensational river rafting routes and waterfalls - there really is nothing quite like it.

If you’d like to find out more about all the incredible adventures you could be having very, very soon, hit this link and browse our selection.

Remember… 2020 is your year of adventure!