Austria is a destination famous for its beauty, majestic landscapes and fairy-tale feel. Located in central Europe, Austria is home to some of the world’s most characteristic settings, from rugged mountains to thriving lands of pure greenery. The high Alps create a cosy barrier, giving visitors the ultimate comfort and relaxation experience.

Our holidays are built on giving you the best possible experiences and with us you are not limited to just one. Our Austrian getaways give you the option of walking, cycling, or going on a family adventure!

Austria is full of history and culture; it is home to some of the most famous classical music composers the world has ever seen including Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose legacy can be visited in the city of Salzburg.

Exploring Austria on foot is highly recommended; you can discover the historic Blue Danube – known as ‘The River of Kings’, the Zell am See District – where you will witness some of Austria’s highest mountains, or walk through the UNESCO Heritage site of The Austrian Salzkammergut Lakes that takes in the village of Hallstatt – known as ‘’the loveliest lakeside location in the world’’. The full list of walking holidays in Austria can be seen here.

With plenty of sites to whet your appetite, be sure to take a break in some of Austria’s charming villages and try out the local delicacies. Wiener Schnitzel is a typical Austrian main dish and the dessert "Strudel" or "Apfelstrudel" (filled with apple) are both on our list of recommendations.

For adventures by bike the Salzkammergut region is a great place to start with its varying natural landscape of extensive forests, clear mountain streams and lush meadows. Discover this Lake District region on the Mountain Biking in the Salzkammergut tour where steep rides will be rewarded with spectacular views! The full list of cycling holidays in Austria can be seen here.

Not only is Austria the ideal place to wind down, it’s perfect for those seeking an adventure. Fat biking in the snow, snowshoeing, rafting and canoeing are just some of the adrenaline pumping activities to try out on our adventure and microadventure holidays in Austria.