Fantastic Finland


Fantastic Finland


Finland - a destination suited for freedom finders.

This Nordic state, located in Northern Europe, promotes true beauty amidst its unscathed forests and unspoiled nature. Finland is a place that covers all bases, whether you are searching for the soaring sun or wanting to experience the wonders of winter.

Famous for the magical Northern Lights, the distinct Midnight Sun and crystal clear lakes, Finland is the perfect destination to escape life’s daily routines.

Our holidays are built on giving you the best possible experiences and with us you are not limited to just one. Our Finland getaways give you the option of walking or cycling, with added adventure!

Did you know that Finland has a concept called ‘’Everyman’s Rights’’? This means that you are free to roam in its natural areas, from forests and fells to lakes and rivers. 

With this in mind, we encourage routes off the beaten track with hikes through the Finnish wilderness. Trekking The Finnish border will open up the purity of Finland and show off nature in its finest. You will walk alongside calming waters surrounded by wildlife, such as reindeer and elk, and taste the natural vegetation of wild blueberries, lingonberries and mushrooms. With a chance to see a new national park, experience a canoe trip across the lake and inhabit a rural cabin at the top of a hill, Finland really is a world away from the day to day.

With much of the country a vast wilderness of national parks, Finland is a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. Our adventure holidays offer the chance to experience Fat biking in the bear kingdom,  snow shoeing in the 'taiga' forests of eastern Finland or enjoying a range of winter activities on a Winter Fun holiday in the Kylmäluoma area in north-eastern Finland.