5 Essentials for walking enthusiasts!


5 Essentials for walking enthusiasts!

Walking holidays are one of the few holiday experiences that truly let you become one with your surroundings.

Which is why it’s super important that you prepare yourself adequately for any and every eventuality.

Otherwise you could easily find yourself up a creek without a paddle!

Not literally, of course. Well… who knows!

At Whereabouts Holidays we have some cracking walking getaways for you to choose from across numerous countries and climates.

With this in mind, here are five essential items for walking enthusiasts:

Proper walking footwear

Like many other activities and sports, your walking footwear will depend entirely on the conditions you intend to tackle.

For example, if you’re walking trip will mostly cover flat, hard ground or sandy footing – like the gorgeous Italian coastline of out Cinque Terre getaway - a pair of solid walking shoes should suit you down to the ground.

But, if you’re planning on tackling mountainous terrain – like on our Salzburg Peaks walking holiday - a pair of walking boots would be a much wiser option.

Oh, and if you land on a holiday with a fair amount of snow make sure you get your hands on a pair of boots designed to keep the cold and wet out of your socks!

Speaking of which, be sure to pick up the right kinds of socks too!

Selected clothing

Much like your feet, what you wear on the rest of your body comes down to the weather and climate conditions too.

For the most part, anyway.

To start off with, you’ll need a light, breathable base layer no matter where you end up.

Beyond that, it’s really down to you and your surroundings.

But, it’s always smart to keep a waterproof layer of some description with you if the weather looks like it might take a turn.

It might sound like a lot of hassle but you’ll thank us later when you don’t end up totally drenched!

Water (flask)

We all need to keep hydrated and when you’re out and about walking for extended periods of time, this is especially important.

But if you’re walking in a warm or hot climate, keeping your drink cool for ultimate refreshment is a task and a half.

That’s why it’s a smart idea to carry a flask of some sort.

These insulated containers are traditionally for keeping your favourite teas and coffees hot, but they’re great for keeping drinks cold too.

They might add a bit of weight to your load, though. So be sure to think this through before you set out.

Driving License/Wallet/Mobile Phone

We carry these items with us every single day, but it’s especially essential that you keep them with you when on your walking adventure.

Why? If you become separated from the pack and the unthinkable happens, you’ll need to be able to contact the necessary people and identify who you are.

It might be a little negative to think about, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!


What would a keen walker really be without their trusty backpack?

In a pastime where you’re always on the move the humble backpack provides easy storage for anything you happen to be carrying with you.

They can be small and lightweight for easy travels or large and hefty for those long hauls.

Simply sling it over your shoulders and away you go!

Or, if you’re looking for something even smaller and more lightweight then a simple waist bag (or “fanny pack” to our American friends) will suffice.

It’s really up to you!

At Whereabouts Holidays we know our walking holidays are the some of the best money can buy.

Check out what we’ve got to offer on our holiday listings.

Or get in touch for a chat!