5 Gift ideas for adventurers!


5 Gift ideas for adventurers!

There’s never a bad time to receive a lovely gift!

If there’s a special adventure holiday addict in your life, why not encourage their adventurous side by giving them a gift they can take on their next holiday!

But the question is… what?

At Whereabouts Holidays we like to think we know the adventurer mind-set down to a tee.

So here are a few ideas to get you started:


The king of the action cam just got even better…

Year after year GoPro have been consistently improving their range of tiny action cameras.

From size to resolution and beyond there’s no component of their camera GoPro hasn’t been trying to smash each and every release.

Now, their greatest ever camera has arrived.

The HERO7 Black is by far the most impressive entry to the GoPro canon.

Shooting in full 4K HDR video, your adventures will look as clear as ever.

Plus, with hypersmooth shooting it will make a bumpy kayak ride look like a glide along a smooth stream.

Add to this voice control and a tough-as-nails exterior and you’ve got arguably the greatest action cam ever made.


Few things in life can offer as much physical comfort as a warm, soft blanket.

Especially in cold conditions.

These blankets can be a life-saver when camping, glamping, or staying in chillier climates.

Plus, they come in so many varieties to suit different people!

One may resemble the scarf your granny knitted you when you were little, whereas the other might share the same thermal texture as your favourite sleeping bag!

And don’t even get us started on snuggies…


Who doesn’t love a hot brew?

The answer… not many people. That’s why flasks are a must-have item in every adventurer’s backpack!

The best flasks are able to keep drinks hot (or cold) for hours on end, leaving the owner plenty of time to enjoy the beverage of their choice throughout their busy day.

Brands like Thermos have truly outdone themselves when it comes to range, meaning there will be a flask out there to fit even the fussiest of people’s taste.


There’s nothing like good home cooking on the go!

Plus, when travelling or camping, it can be useful to be able to prepare your own hot meals to keep you warm.

That’s why a portable stove comes in handy for so many hungry adventurers.

Depending on the situation these are available in numerous sizes, styles, colours and are usually powered by a small gas tank.

Although, electric ones are available if your adventurer can source the power in the wilderness!

Perfect for the amateur chef and outdoorsman!


Heading out on an adventure can be tiring work.

Sometimes all it takes is a quick hit of energy to boost your enthusiasm and get back on your feet!

Forget about energy drinks – we're talking about the most classic of all caffeine shots – Espresso!

Yes, portable espresso makers are actually a thing now.

But how do they work?...

Simply pour boiling water into the small tank, load the coffee bed with your favourite type of ground coffee (preferable an espresso grind), lock it all together and… Push!

Using generated pressure you will be treated to a top-notch espresso wherever you are.

Who needs a fancy machine anyway?

At Whereabouts Holidays we like to think we’ve got some cracking adventure holidays where you could use all of the above and more.

If you’d like to find out, check out our holiday listings for more information.