5 Interesting things to do in Mallorca


5 Interesting things to do in Mallorca

The popular Spanish island of Mallorca (or Majorca) always proves to be a popular tourist destination since the 1950’s thanks to the stunning beaches, gorgeous weather and activities for visitors.

In fact, the tourism trade has proven to be a main source of income for the island and has been steadily growing ever since it began. In 2013, it was estimated the island welcomed around 10 million tourists – a figure which will have increased yet again since then.

But if you’re one of the people planning on visiting the beautiful island, you’ll be wondering what kind of things you can get up to while you’re there.

At Whereabouts Holidays, our Mallorca Highlights holiday gives you an exceptional experience of the island, the climate, the culture and the people.

So if you’re unaware of all the great things to do on the island, here’s our list of 5 interesting things to do in Mallorca:

Real Cartuja de Valldemossa

On our Mallorca Highlights holiday, you’ll start out in the classic village of Valldemossa.

It is home to Caterina Thomàs i Gallard born in 1531, the only saint to have originated from Mallorca, and most if not all local homes contain a plaque or dedication to her of some kind.

But the Royal Carthusian Monastery at the centre of the village is the real historical highlight.

The thirteenth century building was originally a home to Spanish royals, before it was converted and renamed in 1399.

There are many rooms with different pieces of history to experience, including the old pharmacy and traditional library where Spanish monks would have met centuries ago.

The site is perhaps most famous, though, as the temporary home of internationally renowned composer Frederic Chopin who wrote much of his famous works here between 1838 and 1839.

Because of this, countless artists, visionaries and creatives have found themselves taken by the monastery, as if it possesses a magical power to inspire the mind.

Son Marroig

Another stop on our Mallorca Highlights tour contains a real historical and visual treat.

Son Marroig, found in the small coastal village of Deia in Mallorca, looks like something taken straight from a fairy-tale or Spanish mythology.

The former home of Archduke Ludwig Salvador, the stunning 19th century mansion now stands as a popular tourist attraction and museum dedicated to the life and accomplishments of its former owner.

A beloved figure in the area, the Archduke spent his time and money purchasing nearby buildings to protect their historical worth. He was also an avid wildlife researcher.

Situated atop a high hill overlooking the Na Foradada peninsula, you’ll be treated to some of the most spectacular coastal views the region has to offer. This is probably why Son Marroig is also popular with couples looking for a romantic wedding location.

A can’t-miss attraction for view hunters.

Alfabia Mountains

Heading over to the North West coast of the island, you’ll find the port town of Soller (you’ll get to visit the town on your Mallorca Highlights trip).

While there is plenty to be seen in the town of Soller itself, including a breath-taking Cathedral names after Saint Bartholomew, the real attraction lies just outside the town. In fact, it can be seen from miles around…

The Alfabia Mountains offer visitors plenty of opportunity for exceptional photography and some even more exceptional walking and hiking trails for the enthusiasts amongst you.

They provide a panoramic stretch of mountainous view that can be seen from the Soller and other neighbouring towns, like a giant rocky wall of some kind.

Plus, if you’re willing to go on the hunt, you’ll find some wonderfully-hidden houses and cottages tucked away within the mountain range, as well as other surprises.

Carratera De Sa Calobra

One of the most scenic yet dangerous roads on planet, Carratera De Sa Calobra would be right at home in a Bond Movie car chase sequence.

Also known as the Sa Calobra climb, the route is a popular challenge with experienced cyclists, bobbing and weaving its way through rocky peaks before finally levelling out at the top.

But drivers can make a good time of the ascent (and descent) too. There are a few safe spaces to park up, so you can spend some time really admiring the view and taking plenty of wide angle shots of your surroundings.

Palma Cathedral

Looking more like an intricate castle than a cathedral, the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Palma was originally ordered to be constructed by King James I of Aragon, but wasn’t finished until 1601.

Designed in the classic European Gothic style, with numerous sharp spires, from the front it resembles another famous cathedral – Notre Dame in Paris.

At night, the cathedral is lit up from the base and can be seen from miles around, offering it its nickname – ‘The Cathedral of Light.’

A marvellous feat of architecture that took centuries to build, this special building is just as staggering on the inside as it is on the outside and need to be seen in person to be believed.

If you would like to see what other amazing sights, sounds and experiences await you on the island of Mallorca, check out the full itinerary of our Mallorca's Highlights holiday here.