5 reasons you need to try a multi activity holiday


5 reasons you need to try a multi activity holiday

Holidays are the perfect way to escape the daily grind of work and home, and get away for some much needed relaxation and personal time.

But if you’re sick and tired of the usual boring 7-day beach sunbathing sessions maybe it’s about time you do something different

Multi Activity Holidays give you the chance to sink your teeth into a whole host of awesome new experiences you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Here are 5 reasons you NEED to try a multi activity holiday:

Change your holiday habits

Let’s face it; the days of lounging about on a busy beach getting sunburnt to a crisp are quickly coming to an end.

Gone are the days of the sixties and seventies when the world’s most popular lounging seaside destinations had room for the whole family.

Nowadays, you’d be lucky to find a single square foot of peace on a beach like that.

We’ve all seen the pictures of horrendously overcrowded holiday spots – ‘sardines’ coming to mind?

Perhaps it’s about time you changed your holiday habits to something new and a multi activity holiday gives you the ideal opportunity.

Overcome your fear

It’s true: People can spend their whole lives claiming they have absolutely no interest in trying anything new and exciting because they simply don’t want to, when the unfortunate truth is that it has nothing to do with a lack of interest.

Rather, they’re afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and tackle a new challenge.

And that’s totally natural! We all worry about the unknown or the unfamiliar.

But if we all lived our lives in fear, nothing would ever get done, would it?

Countries wouldn’t have been founded, cities wouldn’t have been built.

Heck, we’d all probably still be walking around clunking rocks together trying to make fire!

So, the next time you fancy having a go at kayaking a winding river or snowshoeing in the frozen wilderness, don’t let fear hold you back and take the plunge!

We’d be more than happy to help you along the way.

Discover new lands & cultures

Multi activity holidays offer so much in the way of things to do on holiday, but they aren’t just about the activities.

At Whereabouts Holidays we have adventure for everyone and offer our multi activity holidays in a whole host of different countries with a number of different climates, cuisines and cultures to discover.

If you love the winter chill and snowy landscapes, our multi activity holidays in Finland will do just the trick.

After something a bit warmer? Then we’ll send you to Croatia for a bit of river rafting, amongst other epic adventures.

It’s that easy!

Go for the adventure, stay for the experience.

Find a new favourite hobby

It’s only when we try new things that we have the chance to stumble upon our next true passion.

You might be an avid footballer in your spare time, or possibly try your hand at amateur painting, but if those things are starting to look a bit stale, why not use your holiday as the catalyst to launch your next hobby?

Whether it’s trekking over mountainous terrain or cycling through hidden valleys, your next adventure holiday might prove to be the best thing you ever did and spark your new life-long obsession.

You’d got nothing to lose and potentially decades of enjoyment to gain!

Change your life

This next point might sound a little deep, but hear us out…

There are very few moments in our lives that we can claim have a profound impact on us.

But an experience like a multi activity holiday can be one of those moments.

Why? Well, all of the above for one thing. But it’s so much more than that.

It’s the chance to discover a whole new outlook on life.

Because, to a lot of people, getting active is a difficult idea to even consider. So many struggle with the fear and anxiety of trying something new that they never take even a single risk.

But, with a multi activity holiday, you have the chance to try different things you might not be used to in a more relaxed and comfortable environment where you are in control. It is still a holiday, after all.

Don’t want to do something? You don’t have to. But you’ll regret not giving it a go even once.

Countless people who never thought they could be the kind of person to try such things are now outdoor activity regulars. Even experts in their own right!

Think you could be one of these people? Check out our multi activity holidays and do something different today.