Is Technology Ruining Your Adventure Holiday?


Is Technology Ruining Your Adventure Holiday?

We live in a technological age.

Every other day there seems to be a new development in some area of technology.

These developments have helped us solve some of the modern day’s most trying mysteries and bring us as a society closer together.

But they can also have a negative effect.

For every message or photo that brings people together, the addictive nature of social media and sharing pulls us further apart.

At the dinner table families no longer interact with each other – they’re too busy staring into their phone or tablet screens.

Sadly these bad habits have a tendency to sneak into our holidays too…

Example: When was the last time you saw someone taking a photo of a beautiful view rather than taking the time to actually enjoy it?

Not only this, but they take so long trying to take the perfect picture they don’t even actually look at the view. Only observe it through the eyes of their screen.

Chances are, pretty recently. Because this is happening everywhere.

But given the current social climate it’s understandable.

With over 300 million photos being uploaded to Facebook every single day, is this really a surprise?

Nowadays people seem to think their appearance on social media is the most accurate representation of their life.

As opposed to… you know… their ACTUAL life.

What better way to do this than snapping up the best pics of yourself in amazing surroundings? Looks like you’re living the high-life!

But in doing so, something important is lost.

The chance to truly appreciate the world around us.

This is why adventure holidays are so enthralling.

They give you the chance to do something daring and different to get your adrenaline pumping, in surroundings that can only be described as awe-inspiring.

Yes, there’s always the chance to capture the moment with your camera or your phone or your GoPro.

But you’ll never forget to experience it.

The very nature of an adventure holiday doesn’t really give you the choice but to dive in at the deep end and take everything in.

Photographs are nice to look back on, but it’s the experience that will never truly leave you.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be taking photos.

Photos are the ideal way to preserve your memories, especially memories you’re particularly fond of like your favourite adventure holiday.

Plus, they can also act as an incentive to visit out-of-this-world places you’ve never seen before.

Chris Burkard, a professional photographer with a massive online following said:

“Now you’re less than 10 clicks away from seeing an image on Instagram to purchasing a ticket to go there… I’ve met people who have travelled to places because of my photographs, and I don’t mean that in an egotistical way … [That] wasn’t happening 10 years ago.”

Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not.

Giving others the chance to experience a view you know will take their breath away is a noble thing.

It’s just important that they remember to take the time to experience the view for themselves when taking their own photos.

Otherwise, the magic is lost.

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