Lake Bled Walking Holiday


Lake Bled Walking Holiday

Walking around Lake Bled

Explore Slovenia’s most picturesque settings on a walking tour around the popular tourist destination of the Julian Alps, next to the town of Bled. The Slovenian resort is a thing of beauty and holds some of the most scenic walking routes across Europe.

With plenty more things to do in Lake Bled, try somewhere new for your next walking holiday and discover the incredible settings of Slovenia.

Discover Picturesque Routes on our Walking Holiday

Discover the magical destinations of Vintgar Gorge and Bovec on our Waters of Slovenia walking holiday. Walking tours in Slovenia are extensively growing in popularity as more and more fellow walkers discover the fascinating areas that the country holds every year. We promise that you won’t be disappointed by Whereabouts’ selection.

Walk through the Vintgar Gorge to experience the breathtaking beauty of the turquoise blue waters glistening under the sun. Stop off for pictures and show your friends at home the magical location that you have visited. The waters are surrounded by mossy green mountains and waterfalls – experience nature at its finest.  

The area around Bovec is as vast as it is beautiful, bordering the Triglav National Park, it is an area of mountains, meadows, rivers and waterfalls. It was also the background to many WWI battles.

Our Waters of Slovenia walking trip aims to incorporate the most picturesque scenes possible. The region radiates peace and tranquillity, so come and visit this natural masterpiece.


A Fairy-tale esque setting

Lake Bled itself is a sight to behold. The Church in the centre of the lake is comparable to the magical Rapunzel castle (most recently featured in Disney’s remake of the classic story in ‘Tangled’) as its structure stands majestically in the water, overlooking all its surroundings. Whereabouts offers our guests the chance to visit the church by pletna, where you can make a wish and ring the famous bell! The lake offers some beautiful routes for walking and of course, those perfect holiday snaps to make you the envy of your friends on social media!

A holiday where you stay active!

The big bonus of any walking holiday is, of course, the exercise. Nothing will ever beat the feeling of exploring a new country on foot – with so much to take in, it doesn’t even feel like exercise!

The routes around Bled are specifically designed to make the most of your stay so that your walking experience is heightened with opportunities to take lots of photos, whilst also working off lots of calories. As a self-guided holiday you are free to schedule in breaks whenever you want so you can rehydrate and take pictures of your journey at any moment.

Other Things to do near Lake Bled – Visit new towns and villages

Alongside exploring nature, you will also have the chance to visit some of the country’s most preserved towns and villages, such as the old town of Radovljica and the rurally based Begunje.

Radovljica is located in the Upper Carniola region of northern Slovenia and has a population of just under 6,000. The old town’s architecture is beautifully gothic. The town also includes an Apiculture and gingerbread museum!

This Slovenia trip blends together an adventure of both nature and history – the sights are something to behold. Try somewhere new and exciting, book now with Whereabouts Holidays.

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