The Attraction of Lakes and Rivers


The Attraction of Lakes and Rivers

Some of the greatest natural wonders of our world, lakes, lagoons, rapids and rivers have been delighting both sight seekers and water sports enthusiasts alike for decades.

Simply put, they are bodies of water that feed to or collect in a specific area and can be man-made or natural in nature.

But this description really doesn’t do them justice.

As a species, we’ve always seemed to have a fascination with these simple yet entrancing collections of water.

Probably because they’re so pretty to look at, but there might be more to it than just appearances…

Art, literature and popular culture have romanticized them (especially lakes) to the point where holidaymakers all over the world pay good money to experience them first hand.

And who can blame them? Some of them truly are breathtaking.

Lake Bled in Slovenia, for example, looks like something lifted straight from a fairy tale or a Lord of the Rings movie.

A gorgeous lake with turquoise blue waters, backed by snow-peaked mountains and a white church seemingly floating at the centre.

You can’t get much more picturesque than that.

Then again, some of our rivers could give lakes like these a run for their money.

The Nile, Danube and Mississippi are all excellent examples of rivers that are miracles to behold.

Their sheer size, if nothing else, makes them all must-see attractions for any river enthusiast or sight-seeing addict in general.

 But both rivers and lakes offer more than just the perfect photo or painting opportunities.

They also make ideal training grounds for water activity participants the world over.

Kayaking and River Rafting have boomed in popularity in recent years and have become well respected and competitive sports in their own right.

Adrenaline junkies relish the challenge of tackling a twisting, chopping river at high speeds in their own kayak or raft.

Whereas those looking for a softer touch love heading out on a calm river to admire the beautiful scenery from a totally different perspective.

Or for the walkers and cyclists around the world, the shores and banks of these aquatic entities also offer magnificent, close-up views.

There literally is something to match everyone’s taste!

And to top it all off, these visually stunning wonders are often backed by even more visually stunning wonders in their own right:


Naturally, these lofty peaks provide the perfect conditions to collect and transport rainwater and other substances downward towards the basins and troughs below, forming lakes and rivers.

Again, mountains always prove to be sensationally popular amongst holidaymakers for the challenge and the visual delights they offer amateur and experienced mountaineers.

If you are yet to experience either lakes, rivers or mountains on your holidays, it can’t be stressed enough how much you are missing out.

So the next time you’re planning a holiday, why not ditch the usual beach break for a true feast for the eyes?

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