Maintaining a Technology Detox on an Adventure Holiday!


Maintaining a Technology Detox on an Adventure Holiday!

Modern technology has helped advance the way we view and understand the world in ways we never thought imaginable. With the internet and social media standing atop the mountain of revolutionary creations, the world is a vastly different place than it was just 20 years ago.

But for all their advantages, as we’re sure you’re aware, technology can have its pitfalls to. You might not think it, but technology can begin to affect your holiday in a negative way, as opposed to a positive one.

Here are just a few ways you can maintain a technology detox on your next adventure holiday:

Take one photo & move on

In a world where we are no longer limited by the amount of photos we can take, many of us have fallen into the bad habit of taking way too many.

Be honest: How much of your phone memory is taken up with pointless pictures right now?

Digital memory has expanded our photo-snapping potential literally into the hundreds of thousands in some cases. But you never need to take that many photos on your adventure holiday!

Try to keep your picture taking to a minimum, so you can spend more time enjoying the experience and getting to grips with your new surroundings.

When in doubt, take one beautiful photo and move on.

Turn off Wi-Fi & mobile data

Our phones have become a source of addiction and are virtually unrecognisable compared to their original purpose.

The internet has begun to dominate much of our daily life at home, in work and pretty much anywhere else you can think of.

The last thing you should be doing when trying to enjoy an adventure holiday is scrolling through your news feed every 2 minutes. To avoid the temptation, turn your Wi-Fi and mobile data off for the duration of the day and wait until your day is complete before heading back online again.

Of course, if you’re utilising an internet connection to use a map for your travels, this is fine. But just be sure your attention doesn’t get diverted to other areas.

Keep your phone on silent

How many times a day do you reach for your phone when you hear it ring, beep or buzz? If recent studies are anything to go by, it’s way too much!

Information and entertainment might be in high demand in today's fast-paced society, but the simple truth is that we can afford to wait for some things, or miss them entirely!

To avoid the constant distraction from your adventure holiday, try keeping your phone on silent. Or vibrate, at the very least. You’ll save time and gain more time to enjoy your getaway.

Don’t bring laptops/tablets

Laptops and tablets have a multitude of uses and have made our lives so much easier. But do they really belong on an adventure holiday?

First of all, they can take up an awful lot of space in our bags and can weigh us down as we move from one location to the next. Secondly, many laptops and tablets often exceed thousands of pounds in value - do we really want to risk bringing them along as we walk up the mightiest mountains or beside the most glorious rivers?

Yes, they might come in handy in the evenings when you’re resting after a long day’s walk. But the worry is the temptation that comes in the day time when your attention should be focused on your surroundings.

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