Maintaining a Vegan Diet on an Adventure Holiday


Maintaining a Vegan Diet on an Adventure Holiday

'Veganuary' is almost over! If you’ve been able to keep up with your new no-animal-products commitment, that’s incredible! Or perhaps you’ve always been a Vegan and Veganuary was like every other month to you. Either way, it’s still a great achievement.

At Whereabouts Holidays we’re well aware of the importance of protecting the environment and the ethical stride vegans are taking towards a healthier, plant-based future. Which is why we want to help move things forward!

So, if you’re a vegan and planning an Adventure Holiday very soon, here are just a few tips you might find helpful to maintain a vegan diet on your trip:

Pre-Holiday Research

Not everywhere in the world is as vegan-friendly as you might be used to, which is why it helps to put in a bit of pre-holiday research before you finally set off.

Double-check your selected hotels or places of accommodation cater (or could cater) to a vegan diet. Seek out vegan-friendly restaurants or cafes you might encounter on your travels. See if supermarket chains in the country you're visiting stock vegan-friendly options.

It might sound like cause for concern, but other countries’ culture and cuisine can be so different from yours that you might even discover your new favourite vegan dish on your travels. That’s what adventure is all about!

Now, speaking of supermarkets…

Meal Prep

When you arrive in your country of choice (perhaps a walking holiday in Austria? Such glorious landscapes!) you might want to head straight to your nearest supermarket to stock up on some vegan goodies!

But it’s about more than just grabbing your favourite meat-free snack; If you’re concerned this might be the last time you come across a vegan-friendly store in a while, it might be a good idea to buy a few vegan meal options to prep your meals for the following days, or following day at least.

If you don’t have access to a fridge at your hotel, try to stick to food-types that will last longer, like dried or tinned. But, if you have the option to prepare and store your food safely, you’re good to go!

Be Vigilant

This might sound quite scary, but there’s no need to worry!

Everything isn’t always as clear-cut as it could be when it comes to food labelling, and this is especially true for identifying which food products are vegan and which aren't!

Thankfully, nowadays there are a lot of products that are vegan-friendly which aren’t necessarily advertised as such, which is of great help when you’re getting a bit bored of the vegan section.

Products that are 100% vegan are labelled with the certified Vegan logo, so these are the safest choices if you find yourself in a pickle. Pun intended.

If you’re unsure, just do the best you can to avoid any unwanted mix-ups. Or you can try speaking to someone in whatever shop or restaurant you happen to be in. Which brings us onto our last point.

Solve the language barrier

Depending on which country you end up travelling to, there might or might not be a large english-speaking population.

Which is why it might be a good idea to brush-up on some key phrases that’ll come in handy once you touch down. In this case, phrases that’ll help you identify foods suitable to a vegan diet more effectively.

Keeping a list handy will help you communicate your dietary needs and might get you out of some awkward situations.

There’s also some pretty nifty transcribing and translation apps you can you to give you a helping hand, these are well-worth checking out.

At Whereabouts Holidays we’re on a mission to provide the perfect adventure holiday for you, whatever your lifestyle.

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