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From city breaks to beach escapes, to gap years to island hopping- you name it, and we can make it happen! Our extensive range of worldwide trips mean that we have the adventure for absolutely everyone. We also offer every type of accommodation possible, from the boujee 5* hotels all the way to the very best party hostels.  Whether you want to live it up in style or instead embrace the culture and live like a local, we can offer you hotels, hostels, guest houses and B&Bs in all shapes, sizes and locations, from jaw dropping landscapes with ocean views to being in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Our team of travel enthusiasts know what makes a trip one to remember and can help you build a perfect package including flights, accommodations and fun- filled activities whilst you’re there. We can talk through your travel dreams and those bucket list adventures that you’re itching to experience, and help you choose the best route to do this as cheap as possible. We listen to your vision and help bring this to life by tailoring each package to suit your needs and your travel style! No matter the destination or length of your trip, we have the knowledge and options to make it all possible.

Round the World / Gap Year Trips

Finished college and eager to get out there and see the world before going down the road of uni, assignments and working a 9-5? Or maybe you’ve had a change of heart, decided to quit your job in the spur of the moment and go and travel the world instead…that’s where we can help! We can help you plan the perfect gap year/ round the world itinerary, allowing you to have the most epic and unforgettable year of your life and truly live whilst you’re young! A gap year doesn’t necessarily have to be for an entire year, it is up to you how long you want to travel for! Whether you choose to hop from country to country, or stay and discover one country in depth, the powers in your hands! The beauty of our round the world trips is that we can tailor the ticket to fit your specific needs, and it will work out much cheaper than booking multiple one-way tickets.

We work with the very best airlines from all over the world, from the more high- end airlines to the lower cost cheap and cheerful airlines that short hop from A-B. Whether you are planning a solo trip, group trip, or embarking on a couple’s adventure, we are the go- to travel experts to help you have the holiday of a lifetime. We look at your budget and help select the trip that will give you the most for your money, so that you have more cash to spend on really enjoying yourself once you land.

All our packages are covered by ABTA and ATOL for complete peace of mind, and we also offer low deposits on the majority of our flight and hotel packages all around the world.

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