Unorthodox packing essentials you might not think of!


Unorthodox packing essentials you might not think of!

Packing for a holiday is a daunting task at the best of times.

But packing for an adventure holiday throws a whole new set of possibilities into the mix.

“What will I need that’s different from my usual holiday?” “What other emergency supplies will I need?”

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…

You already know the basics, so here are a few unorthodox packing essentials you might not have thought of:

Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

How many times have you found yourself out on the open road or stuck in a tight situation in need of a knife or a screwdriver or a pair of plyers?

Now imagine how much worse you’d feel if you fell afoul of one of these situations on holiday?

With the amount you’ll be moving around on your adventure holiday it makes sense to have something like a multi-tool pocket knife or Leatherman hanging around.

Strictly for emergencies!

Sewing Kit

You’re enjoying a gentle cycle along a tranquil country lane when the nightmare becomes real:

You tear your favourite pair of shorts. Whatever shall you do?

Having an emergency sewing kit on hand (and a little know-how) will help you patch up any unfortunate clothing malfunctions so you can get back on the open road!


If you find yourself wandering down a dark path at night, or maybe you suffer a power cut of some kind, what do you do?

You could break out the candles – a classic solution.

But let’s face it, they aren’t the safest things in the world.

A small flashlight will help you find your way through the dark, whatever the circumstances.

The quintessential piece of kit for any travel enthusiast, you never know when a flashlight might come in handy!

Physical Map

Technology is wonderful, but it does have its pitfalls…

Nowadays the majority of people prefer using their phones or a sat nav to find where they’re going.

But what if tragedy strikes and your electronic companion suffers a devastating malfunction?

That’s why the old ways are the best.

Having a physical map with you at all times will help you avoid such an eventuality.


There are countless medical items that could be advised for an adventure holiday, but the one product that always appears on everyone’s list is Vaseline.

Why? Because dry skin and/or chafing is so common when taking on activities abroad. Especially when walking.

Vaseline helps ease the pain and locks in the body’s natural moisture while offering a smooth surface to avoid any more potential discomfort.

Even if it’s just a regular holiday, this classic gel comes recommended.

Now, speaking of gels…

Hand Sanitiser

At the other end of the spectrum, hand sanitiser has nothing to do with treating damaged skin.

Instead, you’ll want to use it to avoid any unnecessary bacteria.

You might be handling countless pieces of equipment while you’re away, or meeting lots of new people.

Regularly using hand sanitiser greatly reduces the risk of catching something unwanted.

Solar Chargers

Our electronics have become an integral part of our day to day lives, including our holidays.

That’s why it’s important to keep them charged. But, when you’re away in a new location, this can become difficult.

Power banks come in handy – they let you charge your electronics when out and about. But they are limited in their charging ability.

What makes solar chargers so useful is that they will charge your devices sourcing power directly from the sun, meaning a potentially endless power supply.

Well worth the investment.


You could just use your lips, but this will probably be more effective…

A whistle can come in handy for a number of reasons, especially when travelling in an unknown area or in a group.

The main reason you should consider keeping a whistle with you is to alert your fellow travellers or people nearby if you become separated from the group or are generally in need of assistance.

It’s the universal sound for “help” - when someone hears a whistle, they’ll come running.

Also, they’re great if you’re planning on sneaking in a quick game of footy!

Sandwich Bags

Before you ask, no – this isn’t about making sandwiches when abroad. But they’d be good for that too!

Sandwich bags (or re-sealable plastic bags) are handy for storing your valuables and electronics when near water or rainy conditions.

Simply place all your belongings you wish to keep dry into a sandwich bag, zip the top and presto! They’ll keep nice and dry until the showers clear.

A quick note – PLEASE don’t assume these things are waterproof.

If you’re planning on swimming, leave your valuables in a SAFE, DRY PLACE.


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