The pros of self-guided holidays


The pros of self-guided holidays

At Whereabouts Holidays many of the trips we offer are self-guided.

This means that you are free to enjoy your holiday, activities and new surroundings without the pressure of having a tour guide on your back 24/7.

As lovely as the tour guides we work with are, sometimes it’s nice to be able to make your own way.

Then again, many people find comfort in having a guided tour.

So if you’re unsure about which way to go here are five reasons to consider a self-guided tour:


The first thing that springs to mind when you mention the phrase “self-guided” is independence.

On a self-guided tour you’ve no need to stick to an overly specific schedule as outlined by a tour guide and are free to explore your holiday destination in your own time, at your own pace.

All you need to do is make sure you hit all the locations on your trip!

This will allow you to check out every nook and cranny of a location you might not normally get to see when on a timed guided tour.

Want to spend a little extra time admiring the sights and sounds of Normandy? Or how about exploring the past with the stunning, classically Italian city of Matera?

Guess what? You can!

Easy to understand checkpoints

Self-guided tours certainly offer you independence, but it’s always useful to have a bit of a helping hand when discovering somewhere new.

When you start your holiday you’ll be given an easy to read leaflet showing all the checkpoints you can hit on your travels, as well as when you need to reach your selected hotels if you’ve chosen to stay in multiple locations.

This lets you get all your independent exploring done in the day (with a few helpful recommendations from us, of course) before heading off to your hotel in the evening.

Local support

At Whereabouts Holidays we pride ourselves in the people we associate with and are proud to be partnered with some of the best holiday and activity vendors around.

So when you’re out and about on your self-guided holiday you can be sure that you’ll always have someone to talk to if the need arises.

Plus we’re always just a phone call away if you need to speak to us directly!

Quality time

It’s always nice to get away from it all and spend some quality time with those we’re fondest of, be they friends, family, partners or otherwise.

This is what self-guided holidays can offer. The chance to travel and explore new locations in peace with those that are most important to us, without the need to be assisted by tour guides.

Adventurous nature

Let’s face it: If you’re a naturally confident person and are adventurous in nature, you probably don’t even need to be assisted by a tour guide.

In fact, you’d undoubtedly prefer the opposite.

Some people would panic uncontrollably if left to their own devices in a situation like this.

But the adventurous types relish the opportunity.

If this is you maybe a self-guided holiday is exactly the type of escape you need.

We have a whole host of self-guided holidays available year round.

If you’d like to find out more check out our holiday listings.

Or give us a call and let’s have a chat!