Protecting the Planet with Walking Holidays!


Protecting the Planet with Walking Holidays!

At Whereabouts Holidays, we’re well aware of all the amazing benefits walking holidays bring:

Getting to explore a brand new destination, up-close and personal. Joining friends, family and loved ones on a shared walking adventure Fitting in some exercise while you enjoy your trip... And much, much more!

But the benefits go far beyond simply what we can see and experience…

As you’ll be aware, climate change continues to advance and it’s up to us to try and stop it dead in its tracks. Or, at the very least, slow down its progression.

Here are just a few ways walking holidays can help turn the tide:

Car Emissions

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first.

Emissions from cars and other modes of transportation cause a massive portion of the overall air pollution we’re all suffering with. Which is why, if at all possible, we need to consider ways to reduce our car usage.

When we take holidays we tend to be based in a singular location and use cars and/or taxi services to reach the other nearby areas we want to visit, thus contributing to increased air pollution.

But not with walking holidays!

Using the power of your own two legs is how you explore on these adventures. Exactly how it should be! With barely a carbon emission to speak of.

The more the merrier!

You might be thinking to yourself:

“If we want to keep emissions down, we should be limiting the number of people we take on holiday.”

Well, not on walking holidays!

The more of you that are travelling solely by foot, the less of you there are to jump in a cab or a notoriously gas-guzzling beast of a car.

Which means - yep, you guessed it - less emissions!

Plus, if you and your buddies (or friends and family) opt to go on a group holiday together, that likely means you’ll be sharing a flight too. Which, on a larger scale, reduces the need for pollutant air travel.

So the next time you’re thinking of checking out walking holidays, ask your friends if they want to make it a group adventure! 

Local produce

Another amazing benefit of walking holidays is getting to try some of the local cuisine and falling in love with a totally different style of cooking than you’re used to.

But did you know that, dependent on the country and its customs, a lot of these regional cuisines rely on locally-produced food and drink as opposed to mass-produced sources?

This is especially relevant as we now know that animal agriculture is responsible for around 18% of greenhouse gasses emitted worldwide.

Taking advantage of locally-sourced produce is a great way to support those producers leaving a lower carbon footprint on the planet.

Plus, locally-sourced food is usually much more nutritious and tasty thanks to the lack of mass-breeding methods such as confined spaces and chemically-enhanced diets.

So the next time you’re taking a stroll around the Salzkammergut Lakes and spot a butcher shop selling locally-bred meat, remember to give them a chance.

Countrified Locations vs City Breaks

At Whereabouts Holidays, the majority of our walking holidays give you the chance to explore some of the most beautifully open and countrified areas Europe has to offer.

Not only are these locations a breath of fresh air from the usual drudgery of busy city centres, they’re also a literal breath of fresh air thanks to lower percentage of vehicles in the area.

There’s little that compares to the crisp, clean air of somewhere like the Auvergne region of France. Best explored on foot, of course!

Also, the fact you’ve chosen to take a walking holiday to a more countrified location rather than somewhere like a city centre means you’ll be contributing less (if any) emissions by avoiding taking public transport as much.

So if you’re being a bit more planet-conscious this year and want to do your part when going away, consider walking holidays for your next adventure!