‘Scootering’ is your new way to get away!


‘Scootering’ is your new way to get away!

Walking and cycling are great ways to get around on an active adventure holiday – you’re burning calories and having fun at the same time!

But, if you’re looking for a new and different way to get around, we’ve got just the thing for you…


We’ve teamed up with Swifty Scooters to bring you our ‘Swifty Scooting Around Lake Constance’ adventure holiday covering Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

But what exactly is ‘Scootering’?

Well, our two-wheeled friends allow you to glide through smooth or even slightly rocky pathways, using one foot to balance and the other to push yourself onwards.

Oh, and don’t forget to keep hold of the handlebars!

Many of you might be thinking – “but aren’t scooters for kids?”

Traditionally, yes. In fact, there was a period in the late 90’s/early 2000’s when you’d struggle to walk down a street without seeing a young person scootering on by.

And, if you were one of these young people, scootering might give you a chance to re-live some of the favourite days from your youth!

But Swifty Scooters’ products are targeted at and specifically designed for adults, using quality materials to create the sturdiest frame and easiest ride possible.

So you won’t look like a kid when you’re scootering, but we can’t promise you won’t feel like one!

Ultimately, scootering is aiming to become its own superpower in the travel market, but comparisons to other superpowers like the bicycle will always come up.

However, just because they both share two wheels doesn’t mean the two are anything alike. They’re totally different!

Scootering is much more of a ‘hop-on-and-go’ type of ride, whereas bikes often take a bit more preparation before setting off on the open road.

And, just because you aren’t pedalling doesn’t mean you can’t gain some serious speed! It all depends on just how much force you’re willing to push with.

Plus, since scooters have you positioned much closer to the ground than bicycles, and you’ve more or less constantly got one foot on the ground, you could even say scooters are a lot safer than bikes!

But whether you think there’s any comparison between the two or not, it can’t be denied that scootering is, by far, the more interesting and funkier of the two, right?

You’d expect to see someone cycling down a country lane, we all see it every day. But you wouldn’t expect to see someone scootering the same way, would you?

Especially not an adult! And especially not on a scooter as well-designed for adults as the ones from Swifty Scooters.

For the shock value alone, this makes scootering a must-try for every adventure holiday enthusiast at least once!

But what about the health aspect of things? What about the people who head off on an adventure holiday wanting to burn calories along the way?

Don’t worry! Even without the constant pedalling, you’ll still be getting in a great workout if you travel by scooter!

In fact, a study at the University of Brighton found that scootering can help you burn up to 350 calories per hour!

To put that into perspective, a 45 minute run should get you through about 450 calories.

Plus, because of the control required at the helm, scootering is also a great way to strengthen your core and encourages good hand-eye coordination.

It just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover!

Easy to use and even easier to enjoy, scootering really is the coolest new way to get around.

Want to find out for yourself? Check out our Swifty Scooting Around Lake Constance page to find out more.

Or, if you’d like to speak to someone about your potential scootering adventure, feel free to contact the Whereabouts team for more information.