The Potential Future of Socially-Distant Adventure Travel


The Potential Future of Socially-Distant Adventure Travel

Before the current coronavirus pandemic, the world was still in full-swing; Cities were bustling, borders were open and planes, thankfully, were filled with avid travellers and adventurers heading from country-to-country to discover and see as much as physically possible!

Sadly, that came to a screeching halt and the adventurers of the world were forced to put their plans on hold. However, slowly but surely, we are starting to see the other side of this awful situation as countries around the world begin to regroup, recover and reopen.

But with so many whispers and potential directions with regards to safety measures, what does this mean for the future of the travel industry? Specifically, what does this mean for adventure holidays in Europe?

This is all purely speculation at this point, but it’s important that we begin to, at the very least, consider the possibilities that we may be forced to adapt to if we wish to continue travelling and discovering as we did before. With this in mind, here are just a few ways the future of socially-distant travel may change from the present:

Air Travel

Let’s start off with a big “what if?”

The revolution of accessible air travel was arguably the single greatest achievement of the 20th century. Bringing the world closer together than ever before, it allowed people to reach corners of the globe they didn’t even know existed and discover places they had never even dreamt of.

As you’ll know, air travel is virtually dead in the water at the moment, with many countries still refusing to accept visitors from abroad or, in some cases, subjecting them to mandated isolation for weeks upon arrival, all with good reason. This has thrown an ugly spanner in the works for adventure travel holidaymakers who had already booked their next getaway.

Hopefully the airports will return to normality soon, but the question must be asked as to how exactly does a pre-COVID-19 airport differ from a post-COVID one?

Will there be mandatory social distancing within the airport itself? What about planes themselves? Will passengers be expected to stay a certain distance apart? It certainly wouldn’t be easy and would cut the rate of passengers per plane drastically.

It might not end up this way, but time will tell.

Walking Holidays

Where many holidays make things virtually impossible to stay socially distant, walking holidays don’t suffer with this issue on the whole. In fact, they’re pretty socially-distant already! The great thing about walking is that, even if you are walking with others it’s usually easy to keep a considerable distance apart but remain together and still be able to communicate.

You’ve probably been there yourself; Hiking up a majestic hill or mountain, with members of your team scattered in ten or twenty feet spaces, depending on their level of stamina and how well they can keep up with the pack. 

It might not be ideal, but if we as walkers are expected to keep a particular distance apart, at least it can be done without spoiling the fun!

Travelling in City Centres

City centres are some of the busiest places on the planet. But recently they’ve all become ghost towns, with streets and shops literally emptied. 

If some social distancing measures remain after the coronavirus, what impact will this have on city centres, and how will this affect people travelling through city centres? Recently there have been discussions in many countries as to how exactly social distancing would be maintained when the streets once again become flooded with people, but whatever the rules end up being, there’s no doubt that they would be incredibly difficult to police.

The most likely outcome will be that city life will return to the way it was before, although given the current worries about a potential second outbreak, that might not be the best solution.

International Rules

As we are still technically in the middle of a global pandemic, travel rules in individual countries are ever-evolving and could change at any point. Which makes it difficult for those looking to plan or organise their next adventure holiday to choose exactly where they want to go.

Sadly, this may continue once the pandemic is over, too. Depending on which country you look at, you may find a differing set of new rules from the ones you’re used to. These rules will have been set in place based on the country’s own experience with the virus and the levels they wish to take to protect themselves from a second outbreak.

We can’t travel right now, but the main thing you need to remember when we can travel again is to check the rules of your selected destination thoroughly and effectively, potentially for the entire future of your adventure travel. Take these rules into consideration when choosing where you want to go and if you’re unsure about anything be sure to research your location as much as is necessary.

As we’ve said, at the moment this is all purely speculation. But stay tuned to @WhereaboutsHols to keep up to date on our Adventure holiday travel developments.