Travel & A Minimalist Lifestyle


Travel & A Minimalist Lifestyle

In a world where everything and everyone always seems to be so busy, sometimes it’s best to keep things simple.

This is why many people today are choosing to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. If you’re unaware, a minimalist lifestyle is the concept of “living with less” and unburdening yourself from the shackles of too many material possessions and life habits. Minimalists often live in very spacious, tidy homes thanks to their lack of possessions. Some would see this as an undesirable living condition, but minimalists thrive on making their lives as simple as humanly possible.

At Whereabouts Holidays we like to think there are elements of a minimalist lifestyle that are present in some of our walking holidays in Europe, and they’re certainly something living a minimalist lifestyle could enjoy.

With this in mind, here are a few elements of our walking holidays in Europe that minimalists will appreciate:

Open spaces

If you’re trying to live a minimalist lifestyle and you’re in the mood for some tranquility in the great outdoors, there are plenty of places you can visit where it will feel like nothing but open landscape for miles around.

Countries like Austria are filled to the brim with quaint countryside and towering mountain ranges with full three-hundred-and-sixty degree viewpoints; It’ll be just you and the open space. Just about as minimalist as you can get when it comes to nature.

Fresh Air

Surprisingly, many people who live a minimalist lifestyle do so for health reasons. They say the lack of clutter makes for a healthier way of living. But nothing could be healthier for you than spending a good amount of time in the freshest, cleanest air you can find on planet Earth.

In times like these when it’s hard to turn on a single news report and not hear a story about global warming and air pollution, locations like these can be a godsend.

Take Germany, for example. A country that’s taken considerable measures to improve their air quality also happens to be one of the best countries to take walking holidays in Europe. A personal favourite of ours, the walking tour around the mighty Mt. Zugspitze, is particularly good for breathing a fresh lung full of air. The tallest mountain in all of Germany, part of its mass lies across the Greman-Austrian border, meaning you get to enjoy two countries in one fresh-air walking adventure.

Peace & Quiet

Peace and quiet is something we all long after every now and again. But, for many minimalists, it’s an essential part of their daily life. The quieter, the better. And there’s plenty of peace and quiet to be had on some of our walking holidays in Europe.

Many of the routes consist of set-back, serene walking trails that are miles from any major town or city, leaving you to enjoy the peacefulness and natural sounds of nature as you wander.

There’s nothing that makes you feel quite as one with your surroundings than the breeze blowing through the trees, or the faint calls of local wildlife.

If you’re after some much-needed peace and quiet, do yourself a favour: Book yourself a walking holiday in Europe now.

Calm environment, calm mind

A minimalist lifestyle isn’t just about keeping things restrained in the physical world; it’s also about your mindset, too.

Minimalists try to declutter their lives in as many ways they can, including their mental health. That’s why taking walking holidays in Europe can be so good for both minimalists and other people looking to make a change in their lives as well.

Many studies have shown that travel to calming locations (and other locations) can have a great positive effect on our overall mental health. So if you’re looking to make things in your life (and in your head) a little easier to manage, walking holidays in Europe might be right up your street.

Minimal Packing

Talk about travelling light!

As we’ve discussed, a minimalist lifestyle is all about lowering the amount of possessions we own to improve our lives. This counts for travelling, too!

If you’re one of those people that feels the need to take every single little item to cover every eventuality when you travel, you might learn a thing or two from the minimalists.

Take only what you know you need and you won’t be weighed down by an abundance of over-packing, countless clothes and bulky laptops and tablets. Even if you don’t yet follow the rest of the traits that make the minimalist mind tick, this is a good place to start.

But if you’re looking for the best place to embrace the minimalist lifestyle in your travels, at Whereabouts Holidays we have a huge selection of walking holidays in Europe that are bound to be perfect. Take a look at our holiday listings for more info.