Introducing Whereabouts Travel Styles! You might be thinking, what is a travel style? Well, like anything, we all have our own tastes. We have differing clothing styles, music styles, and travel is no different. At Whereabouts, we understand that the perfect trip is unique to you – from location, to activities or even when it comes to your ideal travel companion. That’s why we’ve carefully divided our trips into seven different Travel Styles.

Why seven? Well when it comes to travel, we believe that seven is a lucky number. There are seven continents, seven wonders of the world, seven seas, and now… seven Whereabouts Travel Styles. Each has been created with a different type of adventurer in mind so that we can help you plan the perfect trip, whatever your style!

WA Styles

Epic Explorer:

Epic Explorers have a thrill for adventure and when it comes to travel, a bucket-list to match. We’re talking Mount Everest, Machu Picchu and Kilimanjaro to name a few. If you’re an Epic Explorer, then you’re hungry to see as much of the world as possible. Your dream trip doesn’t mean being confined to the beach all day, instead you seek adventure, adrenaline, challenge and life-changing experiences.

Wildlife Wanderlust:

We define the Wildlife Wanderlust traveller as someone who is wild about travelling, and even wilder about animals. Sure, you might have seen these extraordinary beasts on a David Attenborough documentary, but there is no feeling like surrounding yourself with some of the most incredible wildlife species in the world, and seeing them with your own eyes in their natural habitats. If your dream is to spot the Big Five, or snorkel with tropical marine life, then you’ll go wild for our WW trips!

Visionary Volunteer:

Are you always willing to lend a helping hand? Do you gain great satisfaction from assisting someone in need? If you’re passionate about making a difference, then the Visionary Volunteer is your perfect Travel Style. Volunteering can be an empowering experience, allowing you to make a positive change by putting your skills and knowledge to great use in support of fantastic causes. It also allows you to travel to some incredible places around the world, many of which you may have never considered. Whether you’re helping local communities, the planet, or wildlife, opportunities to make a difference and see the world are endless.

True Trekker:

True Trekker is for walking and climbing enthusiasts, challenge-seekers, and those who crave epic views from the top of that mountain peak! If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, nature, and jaw-dropping scenery, then you’ll love our fantastic hiking and trekking trips that will allow you to make footprints around the globe, Whether it’s a tough climb surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery, or a more relaxed stroll to take in stunning landscapes, our True Trekker trips are for all abilities. All that’s required is a love to travel on foot!

Camper Cruisers:

Camper Cruising is about embracing your freedom, being spontaneous, travelling with no restrictions and making an adventure of your own. Would you love to go off the beaten track to find secluded and beautiful spots that you can only find travelling by Campervan? Camper Cruisers are all about creating special memories and stronger bonds with special people, whether that’s your travel buddies or other half. If you love the sound of an adventure on four wheels, discovering what the world has to offer while on the road, and experiencing the incomparable freedom of van life, then buckle up – our Camper Cruiser trips are perfect for you!

Active Adventurer:

If you’re a fitness fanatic, adrenaline junkie or a sport super-fan, then Active Adventurer is the travel style for you! The Active Adventurer is the type of traveller who loves to keep busy, stay fit, and is up for anything active. Whether it’s on land, going for a tough hike and cycling along scenic routes, or in the water with a spot of surfing, kayaking, rafting or paddle-boarding, the Active Adventurer lives for any action-packed activity. Our Active Adventurer trips combine must-see destinations from around the globe with the thrill and excitement of sport, to truly get your blood pumping and your body moving!

Boundless Backpacker:

Are you looking for the complete, authentic travel experience? Boundless Backpacker trips offer the ultimate combination of culture, fun, friends, and adventure. That doesn’t just mean hostels and beach parties – although if that’s your vibe we definitely have trips that are suited to you – but our trips are tailored for those who prefer to travel solo or with their best travel buddies. A Boundless Backpacker is a free-spirit who loves packing up their life into a backpack to explore the world, making friends for life, experiencing new cultures and creating memories that will last a lifetime.