Water Sport Holidays in Europe: It’s not all about Canoes


Water Sport Holidays in Europe: It’s not all about Canoes

Nothing quite beats the excitement of heading out on the water and enjoying some fun in the sun. That’s what you’ll get on one of our fantastic water sport holidays in Europe at Whereabouts Holidays. Okay, well maybe we can’t guarantee the sun, but the fun part is a given. Often, the first thing that comes to mind for most people when you mention water sport holidays is canoes. We’re here to tell you that there is oh-so-much-more to it than that.

Different Types of Water Sports Holidays

From Canadian canoes to kayaks, and even stand-up paddling, there’s plenty of ways to get your splash on. You don’t have to be a swimming enthusiast to enjoy these water activities, either. Here is our guide to them all.



The simple way to remember the difference between a canoe and a kayak is the number of blades the paddler uses. The water navigated on a canoe tends to be gentle lakes, but feistier rapids can be managed in a classic canoe. In a canoe, the paddler uses a single-blade and the boat is generally open to the elements. The paddler can choose to position themselves on one knee, both knees or by sitting down, and this often depends on whether two people are paddling or just the one. Our Swedish canoeing holiday is a great way to test out your skills on a canoe, with our canoe trip taking you on a paddle down the chain of Marviken lakes before continuing to Lake Klämmingen. It really is one of the best canoe trips around.

Canadian Canoe

Canadian canoes are likely to be the kind of canoes you’ve seen at the movies. Famous films like Cheaper by the Dozen have featured scenes with Canadian canoes and all involve the family having lots of fun. They usually benefit from a large amount of space which is ideal for carrying the whole family or lots of gear and are best suited to sheltered inland waters like rivers, lakes and canals. These are available on many of our waters sports holidays around Europe and are just perfect to load up and head off for a Canadian canoe adventure.



So then, what about a kayak? The key difference from a canoe is that the paddler uses a two-blade paddler to help them glide across the water; kayaks can either be sit-on top or have a cockpit. The paddler can even wear a spray deck to help keep the water out of the cockpit. They are often used across a wide range of water sports, like white water rafting and more extreme water conditions that you see on television. We offer great kayak holidays across Europe, including our Sea Kayak  holiday in Greece which is well worth trying if the kayak sounds like yourself. You don’t have to have passed hundreds of sea kayaking courses to join us either. Just pack your bags and join us for Dubrovnik water sports with a difference.


Stand-Up Paddling

Standing paddle boarding pretty much does exactly what it says in its name. Although it’s a bit more straight forward than actual surfing. Stand-up paddle surfboards are much wider, longer and more buoyant than your ‘normal’ surfboards, allowing you to comfortably balance and propel yourself with the paddle. It’s a great way to ride the waves and you’ll struggle to find a better picture opportunity than riding along the water as the sun sets in the background. Our Dubrovnik water sports holiday is for you if this sounds like your kind of thing. Ready to try one of our water sports holidays in Europe for yourself? Then get in touch with our team of experts who have been there and done it all when it comes to water sports holidays. They’ll give you all the help and advice you need to book your dream holiday.