Whereabouts & Wi-Fi: Top tips for staying connected on your Adventure


Whereabouts & Wi-Fi: Top tips for staying connected on your Adventure

Going on an adventure holiday is the ultimate chance to escape, explore and unwind for a few days.

But due to the demands of a busy lifestyle, many of us don’t have the luxury of being able to simply “switch off.”

For these people, a reliable internet connection abroad is a necessity. Sometimes this can be notoriously difficult…

With this in mind, here are a few tips on how you can stay connected on holiday:

Hotel Wi-Fi

Once upon a time the very idea of having a hotel with an internet connection was the stuff of fairy-tales.

Nowadays most if not all of the major hotel chains, as well as countless others, have internet connectivity in some form or another.

Whether that be pay-as-you-go or free Wi-Fi, more often than not you’ll find there is always a way to get online at your hotel.

If you’re unsure check the hotel’s or travel provider’s FAQ page before you book or make an enquiry.

Internet Cafes

If you still aren’t satisfied with your hotel’s internet connection, exploring your local area could be a good idea.

You’ll find that certain cafes come with their own Wi-Fi connection.

Formerly known as “internet cafes” you’ll usually find these places have dropped the ‘internet’ from their name, as a public internet connection has now become commonplace for most businesses.

Bars, restaurants, even swimming pools are connected. All you need to do is look!

Wi-Fi Dongle Hotspot

The above ideas are great if you don’t mind seeking out the best Wi-Fi options.

But in an ideal world we’d all like to be able to get online wherever we see fit.

Even better if it were for a decent price.

Luckily, this is possible.

Certain mobile and internet providers now offer Wi-Fi Dongles at an affordable price.

If you’re in desperate need for a solid, reliable connection wherever you are, these are an excellent choice.

In a nutshell they’re a small, portable device that gives you an internet hotspot from your chosen provider on a mobile network.

Plus, most of these allow you to connect numerous devices meaning you can work across multiple devices.

They often come in around a similar monthly price to your average broadband deal, but could come down in price if combined with other offers.

Well worth enquiring with internet providers.

Data Roaming

The phrase “Data roaming” is one that strikes fear into the hearts of countless holiday makers. Specifically because it’s usually followed by the word “charges.”

When travelling abroad it’s highly likely that you will be charged an extortionate amount for using your mobile data to access the internet. Check with your current provider if you’re curious.

But there are those providers out there that understand using mobile data abroad is sometimes unavoidable and have acted accordingly, providing affordable options.

For example, some providers offer “free roaming in the EU” which would save many holidaymakers a fortune.

So before you head abroad, take the time to put in the research and find a data roaming deal that’s right for you.

Reserve Data

Let’s say you use the above tip to its fullest potential and manage to find an amazing data roaming deal.

First off, congratulations! You’re going to save yourself a hell of a lot of money!

But this data always has a limit. So you must be careful not to blow it all at once.

How can you do this? Avoid using your data for data-heavy content like streaming music, video and games.

Focus on only the essentials like your emails. No doubt you’ll need to access those for work, right?

You might be feeling a few mild withdrawal symptoms from your daily dose of YouTube or iTunes, but your phone bill will thank you for it at the end of the month.